A tidal wave of prosperity!
Great fortunes can be made by being positioned in front of a coming trend.

Trends transform industries, and sometimes even people’s daily lives.  And they often create many millionaires along the way.

As you read this, tens of millions of everyday people are now discovering and accumulating graded, certified, collectible Silver & Gold coins.  They are doing it for a variety of their own personal reasons. 

This is an obvious trend, and one that is growing rapidly… to the tune of ten billion dollars a year, in the USA alone.  (That’s about the size of the entire pet industry, with all their dog food, cat food, birdseed, cages, toys, etc.)  That number balloons to one hundred billion dollars in the worldwide marketplace.

Trend vs. Fad

Trends and Fads are sometimes mistaken for each other.

Fads are short lived and don’t create any lasting impact on our daily lives or on our culture.

Trends usually take longer to develop, but their effect may be felt for decades, and often have a permanent affect on business and culture.

There’s another important trend to take note of:

This other trend is something that has been brewing for a very long time, and has now been propelled to new heights by current economic conditions.  It is becoming more and more common for successful professionals, along with average, everyday working people, to seek additional streams of income through the field of Network Marketing.  History has proven over and over again that in tough economic times, the Network Marketing industry flourishes!

Today's FAD is tomorrow's flop.

Tomorrow's Trend is Today's Opportunity.

QUESTION: What happens when two Mega Trends overlap each other and converge? 

ANSWER:  Massive Incomes are created.  Fortunes are made.  Average people become wealthy.

There is one Company (and only one) that is on the forefront of the convergence of both these two tidal waves. 

Numis Network is, quite literally, creating a new category in the Network Marketing field; one that enables you to create massive personal profits from this phenomenon.

American Silver EagleCommerce through networking has become a fact of daily life.  People are utilizing the power of social networking in ways that were unknown just a few years ago.  Business people are joining local networking groups where they attend breakfast meetings, or cocktail receptions, for the sole purpose of promoting themselves, and increasing their incomes. 

In addition, people of all sorts are connecting with others through Web 2.0.  Participation on internet social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, Linked In, and others are part of everyday life for hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Networking to generate more contacts, and increased income has gone mainstream.  But, there are still some people who have been resistant to traditional Network Marketing programs.  The single biggest reason for their hesitancy is often related to the product.  Most companies offer ‘me-too’ products that fall into several predictable categories, nutrition, weight loss, skin care, telecommunications, household items, super-juices, and the like.  The truth is that some people simply don’t want to associate themselves with product lines like those. 

Numis Network is different.  We offer something unique! 


With Numis Network, the compelling issue for professionals is that, for the first time, we have a product that has real prestige. No one has a reputation too big to represent Silver & Gold.  In fact, being associated with Silver & Gold may even enhance a person’s public image.

Our product is money, but, not just paper money.  Our product is the most beautiful and precious of all money…  the highest grade Silver & Gold coins.  This is Numismatics at it’s best.

This perfect product is capturing the interest of educated, professional, successful business people,

Why is Numismatics combined with Network Marketing so exciting?   Because for the first time we have an elegant, sophisticated product that also has an obvious value.  There’s a pride of ownership.

Build Wealth by Accumulating
the Highest Grade Silver & Gold Coins...

And Show Others How To Do It Too!

We are not talking about some lowly hobby.  This is a wise financial strategy employed by the wealthy that can ensure your financial prosperity now, and also allow you to leave a legacy for future generations.

Here’s what I’d like you to do.
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If you still need it, you’ll receive more specific detailed information about the product, the company, the founders, and the richest compensation plan I’ve ever seen.  Do it now. OK?

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